2015 Week 15

2015 PBR Northeast Tournament Week 15 News
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Congratulations to Junior Angler Marlin Stavola! Shown here with his 14lb 3oz bluefish that landed him on 2nd place in the Junior Bluefish division!

New 2nd Place Junior Bluefish!

It's Week 15 in the Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament! Where has the time gone?!? There's just 6 weeks left in the 2015 Tournament, but with a big full moon coming up this weekend, if you've been on the sidelines now is the time to jump in on all the action. 

First and foremost we want to offer our congratulations to Marlin Stavola! He's been a strong angler in our junior division for a few years now and his
14lb 3oz bluefish put him in 2nd place on the junior bluefish leaderboard! 

In the adult bluefish division, Spencer Scaife was back at it again, pulling in his second blue in less than a week with a 13lb 7oz bluefish that he weighed in at Red Top Sporting Goods. 

It was also a very, very busy week in the Evan Metropoulous Catch and Release division. We received 25 submissions, all of which will be put into the season ending raffle for $3,000! One of last year's top prize winner's, Michael Larson, sent in photos of his 19" fluke that he caught on the 22nd. Gary Stephens, was busy catching and releasing flukes all ranging from 21" to 26". But we gotta hand it to Jeff Dunbar and Al Tremblay who on August 23rd managed to catch and release a combined 20 fish!!! What a day you guys had! 

Back over in the fluke division, Gary Stephens weighed in an 8lb 10oz fluke on August 23rd, at Westlake Fishing Lodge and congrats to Edward Rooney who entered his first fluke of the tournament on August 28th, coming in at 9lb 14oz.

And we're sure you are all very aware tomorrow is the next full moon, but did you know tomorrow's full moon happens to be the first of 3 super moons. A super moon is a considered to be a full moon that is closest to the earth in distance. So if the moon looks a little larger tomorrow night, now you'll know why. That said, with tides higher than average and fish tending to feed more, we wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more catch and release submissions and weigh ins next week. 

Lastly, just a friendly reminder, the third placed striped bass by boat is 55 pounds 6 ounces. As per tournament rules, we will not accept any entries to the Bass by Boat division that are less than 8 pounds smaller than the current 3rd place fish. That means we can't accept any stripers weighing less than 49 pounds 6 ounces.  Please consider entering any smaller fish into the Catch and Release Raffle.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

Spencer Scaife with his 13lb 7oz bluefish!

Edward Rooney with his 9lb 14oz fluke!

Save the Date!
The official prize-giving ceremony and party will take place on October 24th at Ocean Mist in Matunuck, RI!  

We'll have plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon, great food provided by the Ocean Mist and lots more from all of our sponsors and partners! 

Plus we'll be awarding all of the prizes and remember the first place winners in each division will take home a one of a kind trophy from Anchor Bend Glassworks. There's still time to weigh in that first place fish! 
Congratulations Week 13 (August 10 - 16) Winners!
 All Weekly Winners receive an Official Pabst Blue Ribbon swag, a Kettlebottom t-shirt, an Eco-Top, an Anchor Nutrition Bar and are entered into a drawing for a $50 Addya gift certificate to be raffled at the end of the season! Fluke weekly winners will also get a fluke lure from BJ Silvia's Flipin' Out Fluke Rigs.

Weekly Winner John Frione in the Bass by Boat division holding his 52lb 13oz Bass he caught on August 13th!

Weekly Winner Spencer Scaife in the Bluefish division holding his 12lb 0z bluefish he caught August 12th!

Weekly Winner Andy Tarutis in the fluke division holding his 9lb 6oz fluke he caught on August 15th!

Congratulations Week 12 Catch & Release Raffle Winner
Daniel West is the weekly Catch & Release raffle winner! Congratulations on your new pair of Costa Sunglasses.
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Sponsor Profile - Costa Sunglasses
Costa creates the clearest polarized sunglasses for on and off the water.  They are great for on the water activities like fishing!  Costa is raffling off a pair of sunglasses weekly to anyone who properly submits a catch and release form that week!  
Sponsor Profile - St. Croix
St. Croix offers a complete line of American-made spinning and casting rods.  The rods have been proven to stand up to time and weather and St. Croix has a wide selection of different gear.  Our monthly winners will be receiving 40% off all rods from St. Croix!  Check them out HERE to see why they are known as the best rods on earth!
Don't forget about the Evan Metropoulos Conservation Award! 

For every properly documented caught and released striped bass, you'll gain an entry into the end of season $3,000 raffle. Download an entry form by clicking HERE

New for this year, Costa Sunglasses will be raffling off a pair of sunglasses weekly to anyone who properly submits a catch and release form for that week.


Media Partner Coastal Angler will be providing fishing reports for us throughout the season. Their writer, Zach Harvey will post his latest fishing reports HERE.
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Current Leaderboard

*Changes from last week to this week are noted in red
Striped Bass by Boat
1st Place: Vincent Vetere - 64 lb 0oz
2nd Place: Mike Radziszewski - 57 lb 8oz
3rd Place: John Frione - 55 lb 6oz

Striped Bass by Shore
1st Place: Dan Galligan - 45 lb 8oz
2nd Place: Brian Sievel - 42 lb 8oz

3rd Place: Gary Krist - 42 lb 2oz

1st Place: Richard Reilly - 17 lb 1oz
2nd Place: John Stavola- 16 lb 14oz
3rd Place: Gary Krist - 16 lb 7oz

1st Place: Tauras Vebeliunas - 11lb 1oz
2nd Place: Samuel Dibner - 10lb 7oz
3rd Place: Tom McMahon - 10lb 1oz

Junior Bass by Boat
1st Place: Cole Perschino - 40 lb 6oz
2nd Place: Cole Perschino - 38 lb 6oz
3rd Place:  Gunnar Skurka - 38 lb 6oz

Junior Bass by Shore
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place: 

Junior Bluefish

1st Place: Richard Rade III - 15lb 9oz
2nd Place: Marlin Stavola - 14lb 3oz
3rd Place: Richard Rade III - 12lb 4oz

Junior Fluke
1st Place: Franny Mastrangelo - 8lb 6oz

2nd Place: Joey Scrofani - 6lb 0oz
3rd Place: Evan Kamoen - 4lb 8oz

For the most up to date leaderboard go to: PBRFishing.com
2015 Brag Board!
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Tournament Notes: 

The website is fully up to date, so you can check the leaderboard, rules and download a catch and release form. The leaderboard reflects all of the weigh-ins not just the top 3 so you can see what everyone has been catching!

Please don't forget to take a look and support the great sponsors we have this year for the Tournament: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Anchor Nutrition, Addya Hooks, Costa Sunglasses, Anchor Bend Glassworks, Confident Captain, Predict Wind, St. Croix, Dexter Knives, Eco-Top, Kettlebottom, Swivits & Nick Mayer Nature Illustration!




  • Fish must be weighed in within 15 hours of the time of catch.
  • Catch & Release entries must be accompanied by a photo with a ruler denoting the length of the fish and also a completed Catch & Release Entry Form
  • Don't forget about minimum length requirements in all divisions:
    • Striped Bass (40 inches - adults, 35 inches - juniors)
    • Striped Bass in the Catch & Release Division (28 inches)
    • Fluke (21 inches)
    • Bluefish (28 inches)
For more information see the official rules.

2015 Tournament Partners

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